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High air flow rate with relatively high pressure increase

Electronic temperature-dependent motor control and filter status monitoring

Diagonal compact fan

At first glance, there is not much difference between diagonal and axial fans. The air is drawn in axially, but the outflow is diagonal. With diagonals fans, the conical shape of the impeller and housing results in greater compression of the intake air. The outstanding feature of this type of fan as compared to axial fans of the same size and offering similar performance is a far lower operating noise level at high pressures.

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The intake side diameter of 172 mm of the series DV 6300 diagonal fans is the same as that of the DV 6200 product range. On the outlet side, the aerodynamically modified design requires a diameter of 190 mm with an installation depth of 51 mm. The air flow rate in free air operation is up to 1100 m/h³, with a pronounced pressure saddle curve up to 750 Pa. The operating noise of 83.5 dB(A) in the high pressure range is around 8 dB(A) lower than with previous versions at the same operating point. One of the reasons for this is the flange with its low-noise webs. All the components of the 350 W motor with 85% efficiency level are designed for a long service life at rated output.




Compact fans for AC, DC and EC

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Areas of application

Diagonal fans are ideal for applications that demand a lot in terms of air performance at high back pressure and in confined installation situations. Alongside an improved flow rate, our version with electronically controlled S-Force motor provides additional functions such as temperature control, active motor cooling and filter monitoring with filter replacement signal output.

Electronics cooling diagonal compact fan

Our diagonal fans feature diagonal outflow. This achieves greater compression of the air – for a higher air flow rate with high pressure increase. As a result they are particularly suitable for applications involving intensive cooling and high continuous loads, e.g. for motor variable frequency drives and control cabinet cooling, printing machines and heat exchangers. The fans are also able to cope with the fluctuating cooling air requirements of IT/telecom applications such as base stations, servers etc., and can be used in inverters for wind power plants.


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The new standard! When it comes to extremely fast, powerful and efficient cooling of all sorts of electronic components, the S-Force high-performance fan generation is at the cutting edge: in terms of air performance, pressure increase, and technology. Extremely efficient drives and optimized aerodynamics are at the heart of the S-Force fans, which are now available in both axial and a brand-new centrifugal design.
S-Panther for unobtrusive power. Fans from the S-Panther product range are the perfect choice for powerful yet quiet operation. A pronounced pressure saddle curve with the ultimate air flow rate - like a big cat ready to pounce - in other words a true S-Panther.

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